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How To Install Steel Ball In A Ball Mill

The ball mill is a common mineral processing equipment. It is the quality assurance of the mineral process and related to production efficiency and product quality. The steel ball in the ball mill plays an important role in the whole production, but do you know how to add the steel ball to the ball mill?
The steel balls are consumables and need to be replenished frequently. We can analyze the following three aspects about adding steel balls: steel ball filling rate, steel ball size, and steel ball material.

Steel Ball Filling Rate
In terms of physical phenomena, if there are many balls loaded, the number of hits will be large, the grinding area will be large. And the grinding effect will be strong. on the contrary, if the ball is loaded less, the grinding effect will naturally be weakened. Considering mechanical phenomena, if the ball is loaded more, the higher power consumption, and the higher of productivity.
Besides, the mill also includes ore and water, and there is a certain gap between the actual power and theoretical power. At a higher turning rate, the steel ball is in the dropping state, and the situation is complicated.
Under a certain filling rate, the steel ball will change from falling state to dropping state with the increase of rotation speed. However, under different filling rates, its rotation rate is also different. The higher the filling rate is, the higher the required rotation speed is.
In summary, we can know that at different speeds, the ball filling rate has its corresponding adaptation value, not the higher the better. How to find the adaptive filling rate, you need to pass the ore dressing test to make an accurate judgment.

Steel Ball Size
The process of grinding ore is mainly achieved by the impact crushing force generated when the steel ball is thrown off and the relative sliding of the steel ball to the ore. Impact crushing force, grinding and crushing capacity and processing capacity have a certain relationship with the size of the steel ball.
The test results show that, under the same quantity, the size of the steel ball is proportional to the impact crushing force. The grinding and pulverizing ability, the processing amount of the falling. Within a certain range, the single energy consumption and the fine grinding of the steel ball Degree are inversely proportional. If the steel ball is too large, the grinding particle size may not be reached.
Therefore, the materials with high hardness and large particle size, it is effective to increase the size of the steel ball to increase production and save energy.

Steel Ball Material
We know that steel balls are easy to wear during grinding. The material of the steel ball is different, and the degree of wearing is naturally different.
In general, cast ball with dry grinding and forging ball with wet grinding, this is commonly used in the world about ball mill grinding medium. And hot rolled steel balls are gradually replacing the casting balls into high -quality steel balls. When selecting the steel ball material, it still depends on the processing materials and the economic conditions of the plant.

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