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Cement Production Line

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Cement production line includes crushing and pre-homogenization, raw material preparation & homogenization, preheating & decomposition, cement clinker sintering, cement grinding and packaging etc. Hongji have the ability to build 300t / d ~ 3000 t /d cement production line independently, and has extensive experience in the design and construction, built many large cement production line

1. Crushing and Preblending

limestone, clay, iron ore, coal, etc. Limestone is the largest amount of raw materials in cement production. After mining, the size of limestone is large with high hardness, so the limestone crushing plays a more important role in cement plant.

2. Raw material preparation

In the cement production line, producing 1 ton of Cement need grind at least 3 tons of materials (including raw materials, fuel, clinker, mixed materials, gypsum).Grinding operation consumes about 60% of total power in cement plants, raw material grinding more than 30%, while coal mill used in cement plant consumes 3%, cement grinding about 40%. So, choosing the right grinding mills in cement plant is very important. Hongji can provide cement vertical mill, Hongji cement vertical roller mill in the production of cement specific surface area up to 3800 cm²/ g with stable and reliable quality, it can be saving electricity above 30% use of vertical roller mill production per ton cement clinker than traditional ball mill, and the power saving effect is very remarkable.

3. Raw materials homogenization

Adopting the technology of homogenization could rationally get the best homo-effect and afford an eligible production to the demand.

4. Preheating and precalcing

Preheater and calciner are key equipment for precalcing production technique.

5. Burning cement clinker in a rotary kiln

The calcination of rotary kiln is a key step of cement plant, which makes directly influence on the quality of cement clinker.

6. Cement grinding

Grinding cement clinker (and gelling agent, performance tuning materials, etc.) is used to grind the cement to the appropriate size (in fineness, specific surface area, etc.), optimize cement grain grading, increase the hydration area and accelerate the hydration rate to meet the requirements of cement paste setting and hardening.
Capacity :300-3000t/d
Motor power :1000-5000kw
Finished fineness :330-550m2/kg
Main equipment :raw material vertical mill, coal mill, cement rotary kiln, vertical cement mill

Unique Jaw head structure
Unique Jaw head structure
Sealed guarantee
Extend bearing lift
DEEP Cavity brokedn
High Crushing Ratio
Even output granularity
High strength
The crusher has large capacity and high strength
High bearing capacity
The bearing pedestal adopts unitary cast steel
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